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Self – Promotion

What is Self – Promotion?

Determination and hard work are key to getting what you want.

Statistics indicate that 3% of CEOs and 15% of senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies are women and the rest men. Moreover, only 10% of women-owned companies have access to equity capital with the rest available to men-owned firms.

Careers and businesses run under varying rules.

Men, according to a study, outdo women in comprehending important career or business advancement matters. Based on the research, women link hard work alone to self, career and business promotion.

As a result, they undervalue the essence being well-connected and visible in a company.

You have to promote yourself to get promoted in most companies because it takes more than just hard work and doing your job well to advance.

Talk about what you’ve accomplished, socialize in your company and industry, and develop a network of support around you.

Self-promotion involves the use of marketing, social media and branding to promote your expertise, services, skills, interests, talents, and strengths. It makes your prospective clients aware of your achievements.

You have to promote yourself to get employment. Flyers, resumes, ads in local newspapers, and posts on the internet make up self-promotion.

Speak highly of yourself to promote self, your business or career. You can rise up the career ladder through self-appraisal, making it an integral technique for entrepreneurs and workers.

However, there’s a distinction between bragging and self-promotion.

Benefits of self-promotion include:

  • Helps individuals (freelancers or entrepreneurs) to stand out against competition in the modern gig economy.
  • Promoting your distinct talents, ideas and strengths could be the difference a potential client needs to hire you instead of someone else.
  • It remains relevant even when on a full-time job or having steady work – it becomes handy when a client suddenly reduces workload or you want to change your job roles or industries.
  • Work on changes needed as you let all kinds of audiences know about your strengths and what makes you different.

8 Ways You Can Effectively and Genuinely Promote Yourself to Market Your Business

  1. Talk about your achievements and project results as soon as they occur – self promotion is about the impact of your work. Good results don’t just make you look good but makes both your boss and company or business happy.
  2. Get yourself recognition in the organization – get your results published on an internal newsletter, an annual report or discussed during a meeting.
  3. Seek industry expertise – create your social media presence to promote yourself on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also make a presentation in an industry conference or workshop. Be authentic!
  4. Develop a custom network of relationships to develop long-term career value.
  5. Travel and exercise to give yourself value.
  6. Continue learning to grow.
  7. Exceed your promises and ask for recommendations or referrals.
  8. Develop listening skills and be persistent!