It’s the dream of every business owner to make profits through thick and thin. Your customers are the driving point the moment you open your doors to the public.

It’s the simple things you do to them that make them make a repeat step to your premises. 

Online businesses aren’t spared either; people learn your attitude through your voice or your words.

As you reply to their concerns and queries at the social media platforms, learn to use the right language that attracts them.

You may have the best prices in the market or even high-quality products; but, if you take pride and forget customer satisfaction dynamics, you will lose the shops as soon as you open them.

1. Put yourself in customer’s shoes all the time

As an entrepreneur or an employee, switch roles and take the position of a customer. How would you want to be treated?

It’s the simple things you do to them that count. What is the first experience your customers have with you?

Even where they sit as they wait to be served plays a significant role in their loyalty. Invest in high-quality wooden furniture for them to feel valued.

If you are in the woodwork tools business, why not display a hand-held router with a fixed base at the reception as they sit in beautiful wooden furniture to prove its functionality.

That alone speaks volumes about how you value them.

2. Connect with customers through multi-channel support

In the vibrant digital era, you can’t afford to have a minimal online presence.

Customers should reach you through all channels, be it email support or chat service or social media messaging protocols or phone support.

Let the customer have no excuse for not reaching you. It plays a part in customer retention. 

Customers complain about where to contact you negatively impact on your business. Imagine if you are selling appliances; from time to time, the customer should reach you in case of warranty issues or manufacturers’ defects.

The fact that it’s challenging to get hold of your customer service makes you look a con business rather than a legit one.

3. Focus on personalized customer service

Never treat your customers with the public. Each of them needs to have their attention even if you have thousands of them.

Imagine when you visit a friend at home; the only person you know is the host. How do you expect him/her to treat you?

The answer is as good as mine. It’s the joy of every customer to have individualized attention.

Give them as much as possible if you want to have a positive business projection.

4. Regularly take customer surveys

In business, you can never work on assumptions. It would be best if you had facts from the horse’s mouth.

Not even your employees or your friends. Get down to the customers and listen to what they have to say about your business. 

Take regular surveys targeting all sectors of your industry. Once you have the information, it’s you to use wisdom to act on them.

Some may be genuine, while others may not.

A single complaint about a department is negligible though you can’t assume you need to investigate when you have several complaints about the same thing: a red flag.

You have no option but to act on it.

5. Build a helpful business culture

People should know you for something peculiar and unique to the business.

Have a business culture that everyone, including the lowest cadre employee, knows how things are done in this business.

You can implement this through training and capacity buildings. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the competition; otherwise, you might lose your loyal customers.

Business is all about knowledge investment.

Having the products or service delivery alone is not a guarantee for a successful business.

Other things also need to be put into consideration. Here is to mention but a few

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Goods return policy
  • Business language
  • Dressing code
  • Business practices
  • Social standards

6. Work on customer reviews

Taking surveys is a blanket way of getting to know customer needs. Furthermore, they are targeted to specific services.

It’s easy to miss out on other crucial areas. Therefore at times, you need to have a real-time review of customers who have used and handled your product or service.

They help you to improve in certain areas. Besides, it’s a marketing tool. If people have something good to say about your product, they are sure it’s a legit business.

Who doesn’t want to get involved with successful businesses?

Have you heard of a business saying that a customer is always right?

Even if they are on the wrong, you have to maneuver your ways to ensure that you make them feel right for your business.

All entrepreneurs need positive business growth. It ever comes on a silver plate. You have to work on it.