Positive thinking and law of attraction

Power of Positive thinking and law of attraction

What you think determines your feelings and, consequently, your actions. Positive thoughts attract positive vibes, including the “good voices” in your subconscious mind. Your guided thoughts dictate your actions.

When faced with a challenge(s) and choose to look at it positively, it turns out to be an opportunity that further results in positive actions.

Think for a moment; the world doesn’t change; it’s you who looks at it based on your pre-informed opinion. Without mincing words, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all interconnected.

When appointed by your company to represent them in professional athletics competition, your attitude towards the assignment decides whether you win or not. Positive thoughts attract positive actions, while negative thinking attracts negative actions.

The moment in your mindful thought you go to this competition with the zeal to win, you will give it your best even if you have international athletes in the lineup. Consequently, a simple negative thought eludes a sense of desperation and resentment towards the exercise.

In child psychology, when you continuously reassure a child he/she can make it in his schoolwork as much as you know he has a weakness, the laws of attraction will prove it. The simple utterance of reassurance is a motivating factor to widen his mind to look at the subject concept with simplicity.

Teachers value the power of positive thinking to boosts their students’ self-esteem as a way to improve one’s grade despite the challenges they face at home concerning their studies.

What should you do to cultivate positive thinking and the laws of attraction?

  1. Center your thoughts on desires

What do you desire in life? You attract what you desire and not what you want. Wants are things you lack while desires are what you are sure you will have, it’s just a matter of time. Don’t listen to the “noise” instead focus on the divine voice that honestly speaks the desires of your heart.

  1. Focus on the good side of life

You have lost a loved one; your boss is a nuisance, or you have an abusive partner. You have no control over their actions, but you have control over what you choose to put on your mind.

Truth be told; you can’t bring back your loved one to life but can focus on the good times you shared and ways to make the times memorable. Your nuisance boss is all about his uncontrolled behavior; you have your actions at work that should give you a sense of satisfaction.

  1. Mind your self-talk

When having a meeting with yourself, what is your agenda? Is it what you don’t want or what you need to do? The way forward during this meeting should be a sense of reassurance.

You have lost my loved one, yes. It is well. Life must move on. Accept the reality and focus on what matters. Look at the issues in your life that bring negative thoughts and chose not to let them stress you in any way.

  1. Practice the power of appreciation

Naturally, we tend to focus on the wrong side of things without a second thought of some of the good things you need to appreciate. First, how many people have gone through the same challenges and committed suicide?

Can’t you have a sense of gratitude and thank the Supreme Being (the one you believe in) for being alive. Look at the good side of your abusive partner. Marriage counselors attribute this to a change in the lifestyle of an abusive partner.

Your commitment to being the best, in itself, is an attraction to a positive thought in you and your partner. What a testimony?

  1. Look at your problems as just “mere” life challenges.

When you focus on your problems, solutions are inevitable. It’s all in the mind. The negative blocks in your thoughts create a sense of resistance to being the best. In fact, it always blows things out of proportion for no good reason.

 You have no control over people’s actions, but it’s your choice to let them weigh you down or not. Once to label an issue as a problem, you block your mind from having a solution. Remove the word problem from your vocabulary and replace it with challenges. Definitely, you will have solutions.

Food for thought

Your mind is a positive tool when fed with the right thoughts. Make it a habit to continually evaluate your notions and, if possible, practice the power of guided meditation to enjoy the fruits of positive thinking and the laws of attraction.