Promoting Oneself genuinely to grow a business

How do people know you?

What are your strengths and passion?

How well do people know you?

A business idea is invaluable unless you have the right skills to execute it. Your talents define you in simple terms. Dan Schawbel, in his book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules For career success, admit that self-promotion is vital in the success of any business. What do you have to offer? Is there anything new people will learn from your social media platforms apart from promoting your business idea?

These answers explain why multinationals invest in bloggers to equip their customer base with the right knowledge for their products. People are moving away from the “buy this” kind of marketing; instead, they focus on “why it’s a must-have product or service” kind of advertisement.

The “whys” is the reason why self-promotion is vital in growing your investment? What’s the best way to do this?

    1. Use the idea as a stepping stone

    The business idea is the business foundation. It gives you the leverage to create a rapport with investors, customers, suppliers, vendors, other directors, and business partners.

    How you move to the next level is all about your personality. Having their contacts is one thing, but maintaining the business relationship without sounding as a bother is yet another thing. 

    How will you stand out to showcase your personality in line with your product or service?

    Invest in interpersonal skills

    The best way to gauge your soft skills or interpersonal skills is through your genuine friends. What do they say about you? In case you have negative feedback, trust me, there is a way it also negatively affects your business.

    Positive feedback positively impacts your business. Once you have two or three people say the same thing about your personality. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and makes a change before you are thrown out of business by competition.

    The soft skills all entrepreneurs must possess are:

    • Communication skills
    • Leadership skills
    • Team-building skills
    • Decision making
    • Conflict resolution skills

2.Manage your public image

    1. Your product defines you. With the social media era, you carry your brand away from the business world. A bad reputation is detrimental to your business. It’s for this reason most public figures in the industry try as much as possible to live a private life- they know what it means to their business.

    3.Enhance online presence

      • As much as you are in business, you need to give your followers a reason to still subscribe to your social media networks. How do you handle cyberbullies? The simple act of kindness defines you. Moreover, it says a lot about your character that positively affects your business.

        You must be there on all social media platforms to broaden your presence.

        Fit in communication channels of all ages

        In business, you don’t dictate your clientele. The young, middle age and the elderly all have different forms of communication. Some understand and patient, while others are very unreasonable.

        Your flexibility comes in handy to promote yourself and, in turn, your business. In product development or service delivery, you have to accommodate all ages. For example, in the fashion industry, your dynamism to have the latest trends in the market gives you an upper hand against your competitors.

      4.Give people a reason to look forward to your products.

        1. Yes, your interpersonal skills must be in line with the product you sell or the service you offer. They go hand in hand. Having the right product or service is not enough when your communication skills are wayward.

          They would instead go to the next available shop where their presence is valued. Even in companies that thrive in monopoly, they invest in their customer service model- it must be top-notch to maintain customer loyalty. 

          You are in the market; it’s tricky, challenging, but fun at the same time. You must put your best foot forward, or you will stagnate with your business idea. Do you know why people choose to fund a business idea that looks weird and leaves yours that look the best?

          Everything lies in how the concept is presented. Promote your plan using your skill strength and watch your business grow to the next level.